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MEAT Processing Overview

Login to the system as per usual Event Create a new event or select an existing MEAT event. To create a new MEAT event:
  • Click on EVENTS to open the Events maintenance form.
  • Click on ADD A NEW ITEM (+) Specify the date, Make region "MEAT" and ensure that Livestock is ticked. NR must always be in the format YYYYMMDD@LOCAL where YYYYMMDD is the date.
  • Click SAVE
  • Highlight and double-click to activate selected event Each day is treated as an event with all transactions saved under that day as an event, so the system will only process ONE Meat event per day Grades
    BEEF Prefix "B"
    "A","B" or "AB"
    E.g. BA5, BAB5MEATB
    SHEEP/MOUTON Prefix "S"
    "A","B" or "C"
    E.g. SA1, SB2MEATS
    PORK Prefix "P"
    "P","O","R" or "S"
    E.g. PP, POMEATP
    You can also create your own Stock items for the different stock items, always make sure it is linked to Category "MEATB", "MEATS" or "MEATP" CAPTURE SOURCE MEAT TRANSACTIONS Select your event, then click Tools. Click MEAT Capture each transaction line per line from source documents.
    +Add record directly in the grid.
    ^Make changes directly in the grid.
    Store record change/addition.
    X Discard changes
     Display values in rows/columns, sort, move columns and set width normally.
    Maintain content directly in the grid using Press "Ins", "Del","F2","Down/Up" or start typing for the grid to go into "maintenance" mode.
    Pressing up/down will automatically save record. Right-click for more functions
  • SERNR - Serial Nr for this transaction
  • QTY - Quantity of animas
  • SELLERNR/NAME - Seller (type no or select from lookup list)
  • GR - Seller Grade
  • KG - Seller Total mass
  • R/KG - Seller price
  • BUYERNR/NAME - Buyer (type no or select from lookup list)
  • GR - Buyer grade
  • KG - Buyer Total mass
  • R/KG - Buyer price
  • AGENT - Marketing agent
  • ABATTOR - Name of facility
  • STATUS - number of lot exports for seller/buyer
  • WARMKG - original mass (NOT VISIBLE) Note that everywhere in the system customers is colour coded: GREEN IS BUYERS and RED IS SELLERS Right-click Refresh - refresh data and display Delete this line - delete highlighted transaction Export All displayed lines -export to external file Detailed summary (this cust) - Export list to MSWord Quick summary (this cust) - - Export list to MSWord Export Lots (this cust) - Create lots in FlexiAuction for this event (BEEP when done) Export Columns SINV and BINV will indicate when a transaction is exported, and the invoice number is filled in when invoiced. Do NOT invoice the "$" customer, it is used for balancing sellers with buyers only. Each transaction can only be exported once; new transactions for the same customer however will be exported. Invoicing Do invoicing for both your buyers and sellers, as normal. You need NOT invoice the "$" Customer - it is used as a dummy to ensure correct financial information If any errors were made in this section you need to reverse the invoices If any errors were made in the meat section, the corrections will need to be done manually in the invoicing section. Balance your auction. Add Event Ecpenses or invoices if required for hides, skins, etcv. Print required reports

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