Our software will provide you as auctioneer with
a user-friendly, reliable and professional system
to handle ANY kind of auction.


  • Capture vendueroll and print catalogues
  • Flexible bidder registrations
  • Quick capturing of bidder and pricing as lots is sold
  • Flexible buyer Invoicing
  • Flexible seller settlement

  • Features include:

    Full installation, training and support provided.

    Compatible with Microsoft WINDOWS® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & 11
    Use only one standalone laptop/computer at the auction, or use more than one network connected laptops/computers at the auction.
    Capture vendueroll directly or import your vendueroll from a spreadsheet.
    For each lot the following details are captured: buyer, seller, quantity, reserve, lot description, price & commission %.
    Optionally capture additional lot info. e.g.
    Livestock auctions: Marks, Mass, Offspring quantity and animal identification, etc.
    Vehicle auctions: Registration No, Make, Model, Extras, etc.
    Print customized venduesheets for auctioneer and/or roll-keeper.
    Print customized catalogue.
    Capture buyer details from registration cards or directly from completed venduesheets. Also Print Registration Cards
    The system will keep ALL captured buyers, for re-use on subsequent auctions and to keep detailed transaction history.
    Vendueroll can also be captured during the auction, e.g. livestock auctions.
    Handles buyer and/or seller commission.
    Default buyer/seller commission % set per auction.
    Buyer/seller commission % can be changed individually for each buyer/seller.
    Flexible invoicing options, e.g. multiple buyers, partial invoicing, multiple invoices, splitting of lots, re-sold lots, divided lots, etc.
    Reprinting of old invoices.
    Flexible handling of reserves and "subject to confirmation".
    Flexible deduction of expenses,
    e.g. marketing, bank charges, storage, transport, etc.
    Automatic deduction of expenses,
    e.g. RPO and RMLA for livestock auctions; Registration Fees for vehicles, etc.
    Flexible capturing of payment methods,
    e.g. Cash, EFT, Contra, Accounts, Arrangements, Non Paid, etc.
    Flexible implementation of VAT calculations as per current SARS rules.
    Print pro-forma invoices.
    Print invoices to your buyers/sellers.
    Printing of loading certificates and delivery notes for buyers.
    Print required Livestock Sec.6 and Sec.8 for South Africa
    Flexible balancing functions for finding invoicing errors and problems.

    Compatible with Microsoft Office®. Create reports and listings compatible with WORD and EXCEL and Send emails from OUTLOOK.

    Export invoices to PASTEL and XERO.
    Specialized reports, e.g. Reports to breeder society, etc.
    Extensive reports for analyzing auctions.
    Flexible reports to calculate Commission to agent and field officials.
    Agent commission can be assigned per customer invoice to multiple agents.
    Full customer transaction history kept for all sales/purchases.
    Send bulk SMS's and e-mail directly from the system.
    E.g. invitations, marketing material, etc.
    EFT summary and Export for your payment feeds to your bank.
    E.g. ABSA Cashfocus, Standard bank SSVS, FNB BinSOL.
    Integration to VENDUEHOST, our online timed auction platform,
    for direct vendueroll, registration and bidding feedback management
    WAREHOUSE functionality with Goods Received administration.
    Include user manuals, guides and auction exercises for training purposes.
    Built-in Backup functions.
    Out-of-hand and private/liaison sales
    Mobile application support for roll keeping, signatures, out-of-hand capturing and auction arrival capturing of documentation and goods

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