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How to do Multi-Owner Purchases

FlexiAuction only allows selling of lots with whole countable items, in other words fractions is not allowed. e.g. You cannot sell half a cow. In livestock it is sometimes required for ONE lot to be sold to more than one customer, for example to a conglomerate. e.g. Sell a stud bull to 3 buyers, each owning a third of the bull. Buyer 1 owns 33.333%, Buyer 3 owns 33.333% and Buyer 3 owns 33.333%, This should not be confused with division; it is possible to sell 50 animals to more than one buyer by using the [>|< DIV] function. e.g. You divide the 50 animals to 25 and change the payer on them. In this case we sell the individual animals within the same lot to different buyers, as oppose to selling one animal to more than one buyer. To enable the system to handle multi-owner lots we will use the MULTIOWNER function Create a normal customer with "MULTIOWN" as part of the name, e.g. "MULTIOWNER1", "MULTIOWENER2" or "MULTIOWN Tom, Dick & Harry" Assign the lot to this multi-owner as buyer as normal To invoice this lot, click [$PAY F10] and select the multi-owner Add Expenses as per normal (individual expenses for the owners cannot be captured) Add Payment Methods as per normal (individual payment methods for the owners cannot be captured) Click on Invoice You will now be allowed to add the different buyers to the list: Click [+] to Add a new buyer Click [X] to delete the selected buyer Click [print] to view Event Expenses/Income (explained later) You will be able to select the buyer and capture the percentage that is applicable for that buyer. You will only be able to select registered buyers. The total of all the split percentages should sum to 100% to allow you to finalize the invoice. Click "[PAY]" to finalize the invoice. When you print the invoice the system will NOT print "Tax invoice" on the document but rather "Multi-owner Summary" The system will also generate event income invoices for each of the buyers, this can be viewed by clicking [print] (as described above) A list will be displayed with all the event expenses and income invoices. Go to the bottom and select each invoice and print it with [PRINT DOC] EVENT INCOME INVOICES is actual invoices, but does not form part of the event invoicing structure, and as such is not included in any reports or summary. It is used for invoicing of non-lot related income on a event It can also be accessed from: Events --> Right-click --> Event Expense/Income Tools > View Invoices --> Right-click --> Event Expense/Income THIS FUNCTION WAS INTRODUCED TO BYPASS THE INABILITY OF THE SYSTEM TO HANDLE FRACTIONS IN LOT QUANTITIES, AS SUCH THE FULL FUNCTIONALITY IN INVOICING, MARKS AND REPORTING WAS NOT IMPLEMENTED. Please contact us for relevant templates to start using this function

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