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Working with SA Studbook assistant

Overview This function is used when doing a stud auction under protection of a breeder society. The society will issue a catalogue for you to be used to import the vendueroll. After the auction, the revised animal ownership transfer information must be sent back to the society. Import vendueroll You should have received a CSV file with the PDF catalogue from the society. Save this CSV file to your desktop (or any other folder) Click EVENT Create event as normal and save it. Right-click on highlighted event and select "SAStudBook Assistant" The tab "Import Lots from Society CSV" will be highlighted 1. Click Open File and select the CSV file from the desktop (or the folder you've saved it to) 2. Click Import" - the contents of the CSV file will be displayed in the list (You can also right-click and select "Open CSV File" to open in Excel) 3. Click "Import Lots from Society CSV" The system will attempt to import the file into the vendueroll. When a participant code is found that is not on the system, you will be prompted: You can either create a new customer with the csv info, or link the csv participant to an existing customer: *CREATE AS NEW CUSTOMER A new customer is created in the database and this new customer is used as seller for this lot. *LINK TO EXISTING CUSTOMER The selected customer is used as seller for this lot (the Stud Nr of this selected customer will be updated). REPEATEDLY click "Import Lots from Society CSV" until all participant is verified. The system will then compare the VAT nr's in the CSV file against the VAT nr's on the system, and prompt where differences is found. Select YES to update trhe customer VAT nr from the society CSV. PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE CORRECT STOCK CODE WAS USED FOR EACH LOT !!! PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE CORRECT SELLER VAT NR WAS USED FOR EACH LOT !!! PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE CORRECT BUYER VAT STAUTS WAS USED FOR EACH LOT !!! THIS IS VERY IMPRTANT TO ENSURE THE VAT ON EACH LOT IS CORRECT !!! If an incorrect Seller VAT nr was found, please correct the VAT nr of that seller and RE-SAVE all the lots for that seller COMPLETE AND FINALIZE AUCTION AS PER NORMAL Export society transfer file When the auction is completed and finalized, we have to send an electronic file to the society to action the animal ownership transfers. Click EVENT Highlight the correct auction Right-click on highlighted event and select "SAStudBook Assistant" Click the tab "Create Studbook Transfer File" on top of the window 1. Click Preview button to export the list to excel to verify that all information is correct 2. Click "Create Studbook Transfer File" to create the transfer file Please note: The system will allow the transfer of a lot on a single invoice only, so if there is any reversed invoices (credit notes) you need to specify the correct invoice for the lot. Right-click on SaStudbook logo and select "View Invoices (to set SKIP)" In View Invoice, please mark the wrong invoice as skipped by pressing F10 (or right-click "TOGGLE SKIP") 3. When completed, click "Open File" to view the file and the containing folder Please e-mail this file as an attachment to the society. Please give them instructions to also forward the file to Extra Notes Customer Stud Nr You will be able to save the customer STUD Nr (the national registration code for each breeder), When adding/changing a customer, fill in the correct code in the "STUD#" field. If the code is unknown you can also enter the Stud name. This will help the Society and/or SaStudbook to identify the correct buyer when transferring ownership of animals. Company Identifier Right click on the SaStudBook logo and click "CoSaStudCode" to enter your unique company code. This code (max 7 digits) will uniquely identify you on the SaStudbook system. Please note: When you have more than one stud auction on the same day, temporarily change the code for exporting the 2nd auction, then set it back. E.g. ABC auctioneers normal code is "ABC", to export 2nd stud auction, change to "ABC1", do the export, then change it back. Import auction options Right click SaStudbook logo: Zero Pad Lot - To pad all you lots numbers, e.g. 001,002,003,004,... Start Sheet - To specify a different sheet number to match you roll-book Notes on STOCK Code selection for importing When importing the vendueroll from the Society CSV file, the system will automatically attempt to use the correct stock code for each lot imported. This however needs to be verified by the clerk afterwards!! Methodology: The file C:\FXA\REPORTS\BREED.TXT is used to link the 3-digit SAStudBook breed code to the correct species and breed in FlexiAuction, E.g. "BON=CATTLE BONSMARA" will link Breed code "BON" to Stock category CATTLE and breed name "Bonsmara" Each STOCK item in FlexiAuction is linked to a category (Field CAT) and animal sex/age (field SEX/AGE) This will be used to match it to the correct stock code. Allowed Categories: CATTLE, BEES, HORSE, PERD, SHEEP, SKAAP, GOAT, BOK, DOG, HOND, PIG, VARK, FOWL and VOŽL. Allowed sex/Age: M (Male), F (Female), Y (Young), YM (Young Male) and YF (Young Female) Matching is attempted on SEX/AGE first, then on the SEX, and then on the CAT, else Default STOCK item is used (LIV/LIZ). Animal is treated as young when animal age is less than 180 days for cattle and horses, and 90 days for other species.

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