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Open FlexiAuction and log in Click on last icon TOOLS > settings Main Company Name - Name of your firm (this is for internal use only to encrypt export files, use short abbreviated name without spaces) Lots per sheet - The amount of lots to create for each sheet Use letter - Does each lot have a number or only the page Default VAT rate% - currently 14% Print Language - Default to Afrikaans and English Buyer VAT on Lots - How the system will handle VAT for buyers:
  • SELECT YES/NO - The clerk will decide if buyer must be charged VAT (not recommended)
  • SELLER STATUS - The seller VAT status will determine if the buyer will pay VAT
  • ALWAYS YES - The buyer always pays VAT, regardless of seller status
  • UNFINALIZED EXPENSES/PAYMETHODS ACTION - You are busy with an invoice and you want to exit the last invoice payment screen for some reason, usually there will be expenses and paymethods listed. When you return, this list might not be valid, e.g. lots were added/removed, or a change was made that will influence your expenses. To avoid this, please select the most appropriate action for your firm:
  • WARN - Just display a warning
  • IGNORE - Ignore and exit screen
  • DELETE - Delete all expenses and paymethods (recommended option)
  • PROMPT - Ask user to delete expenses/paymethods
  • SET PcCode - This code will prefix all your customer and invoice numbers - Please ensure this code is unique for EACH computer within your firm Usually one or two letters, e.g. A1, A2,A3 of A1,B1,C1 Logo Select your profile logo (bitmap is copied to your profile as logo.bmp) 171x331x256 bitmap Unlock Phone us with the serial number on your screen or click link to go to website unlock page Enter the provided unlock code, agree to terms and click Unlock Proxy Specify the proxy server details as provided by you ISP CoInfo Company name - Variable to replace with \CO\ on RTF templates Company Details - Variable to replace with \COINFO\ on RTF templates Debtors Interest - Interest rate % per year Debtor cycle period - number of days between age-ing Authorize invoices - Require a Authorization code if account is overdue of over limit Calc Int From Inv Date - Calculate interest from day 1 Allow Tran posting any period - For transaction posting not in current period Email SMTP - The server you use to send email (provided by ISP) Format: username++password@server:port e.g. Username=peter, password=12345, Outgoing server = Note if the username is an email address, replace the "@" with "[at]" e.g., password=12345, Outgoing server = peter[at] POP3 - The server with mailbox username and password used to retrieve email (provided by ISP) From Name/Address - The name a recipient would see as the sender of an email Admin FLEXILOT password - available from us to enable access to FLEXILOT website hosting Can Delete All Customers on FXC import - untick to not allow this Show Lot warnings - suppress warning (only for advance users) Auto fetch bank details for sellers - Fill in the customer Bank1 for the payment note on seller invoice. Auto fetch bank details for buyers - Fill in the customer Bank1 for the payment note on buyer invoice. Force customer Sellers comm% on vendueroll - Auto fill the Seller comm% when capturing lots. Show Unpaid invoices on registration - Show outstanding payments when registering as buyer (use invoice PAYINFO) Use basic user interface - Hide advanced features. SAYT (Search as you type) - Incremental search when finding customers, stock or events Might slow database performance on large databases and/or multiple users on network Deduct RPO - Select how RPO is deducted when invoicing MANUAL - Never BUYERS - Always for buyers SELLERS - Always for sellers BUYERS+SELLERS - Always BUYERS IF "Y" - Only for buyers where the customer RPO field is marked "Y" SELLERS IF "Y" - Only for sellers where the customer RPO field is marked "Y" BUYERS+SELLERS IF "Y" - For buyers or sellers where the customer RPO field is marked "Y" If ticked "Cust Field as Note" will use the customer RPO field as note for the expense SAStudbook Code - Unique company code provided by us. Animal Tracking - Used for Animal tracking in Namibia WinSMS FlexiAuction use the WinSMS service by DolSin to send SMS's from the system. Please register for this service, use Sales Agent Code 1484 to ensure you linked to us as provider. Enter the Username and Password as provided by WinSMS Please contact us to assist you with the setup of your WinSMS account Login - goto website Credits - see how many credits (sms's) you have left Register - Register for the service Script Used by us to do doldewr and/or database maintenance click SAVE to store settings

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