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Creating pages on your website

Overview Login and add your event Get all your lots ready Compile all your photo's, documents, pictures, etc. Go to Tools > Flexilot Website Refresh to view your website pages Each record here represents a webpage Click "+" to create a new record or "^" to change" Create the content for this page Upload page content to website Upload any media to website in the FRP section Content formatting The content for your webpage, the header and lot info will be formatted as follows: If the content start with "[HTML]" no processing is done, the content will be displayed as-is. If a Line starts with a certain string, the values following that string will be formatted accordingly
Start Content Example
[=] Output the actual html for this line [=]<b>100</100>
[#] Make a hyperlink [#]Click here for the map > map.jpg
[REG] Goto registration page [REG]Please register for this auction
// Remarks not displayed //Lot section here
Hyperlinks Format: [#] DISPLAY > LINKTO Display can be any text or a picture, e.g. [#]Go to the map > /map.pdf [#][5][U]Go to the map[u][0] > /map.pdf [#]/mapicon.jpg > /map.pdf Linkto can be any valid hyperlink location, e.g. a PDF or word document, an email address, another picture, page or a website
$XXX Link to your webpage with ID xxx [#]Goto auction 100 > $100
[#]HOME > $50
/xxx Your picture or file [#]Goto the map > /map.pdf
*xxx Picture in shared image folder [#]*gavel1.gif > /lot1.jpg
mailto:xxx An email address [#] Mail me >
[#] >
abs:xxx Link to another website [#]Search > abs:
[#]/searchpic.jpg > abs:
Formatting [B] [b] - BOLD ON/OFF [I] [i] - ITALIC ON/OFF [U] [u] - UNDERLINE ON/OFF [*] - BULLET ITEM [+] - NEW LINE [-] - HORIZONTAL LINE [1]..[9] SET FONT SIZE [0] CANCEL FONT SIZE, E.g. [2]Hallo[0] Tables: [T1],[T0],[t] TABLE (with/without border) ON/OFF [/],[\] START/END ROW [|] NEXT COLUMN [//],[||],[\\] as above, but heading e.g. [T1][//]C1[||]C2[\\][/]R1C1[|]R1C2[\][/]R2C1[|]R2C2[\][t] Creating page content from an event The event needs to be active to use this function. Goto "Page content" tab. Click "Refresh this page from event ..."
  • Specify the header intro for the page Click "default" to use standard template
  • Specify the Lot template that will be repeated for each lot in the event Click "default" to use standard template
  • Click "Save and use this content" to create page content Please note: When the lots change, you need to refresh the page as explained here Vailables to use for above: {LOT} {QTY} {QTY1} {MASS} {TYPE1} {TYPE2} {BID} {BUYER} {SELLER} {RES} - Reserve {COST} - Cost price {REF} - Externakl Reference {START} - Start price {GRV} {VNOTE} {LOTCONTENT} - As entered for each lot {STOCK} - Grv Stock Code {DESCRIP} - Description Example of contenct template [-][B][4][U]LOT {LOT} [b][0][u] Draw horizontal line | font bold | underline on | font size 4 | Display "LOT". Replace {LOT} with actual lot number | Bold off | Underline off | Default font size [B][3]{TYPE1} {TYPE2}[b][0] Font bold | font size 3 | Replace {TYPE1} with actual lot TYPE1 | Replace {TYPE2} with actual lot TYPE2 | Bold off | default font size [I][1]{LOTCONTENT}[0][i] Italic on | font size 1 | Replace {LOTCONTENT} with actual "WEB LOT CONTENT" (lot capture) | Italic off | default font size. [I][1]Reserve: R {RESERVE} ZAR Ex. VAT[i][0] Make italic | font size 1 | Display "Reserve: R" | Replace {RESERVE} with actual lot reserve price | Display " ZAR Ex. VAT" | Italic off | Default font size. [#]{LOT}.jpg > {LOT}.jpg Replace {LOT} with actual lot number, e.g. {LOT} replaced by 100, Show picture as specified, e.g. "100.jpg" with hyperlink to picture "100.jpg" [REG]Please click here to register Make a hyperlink for the browser to go to the registration page. The completed details will be emailed to you. 1) Predefined Banner (can only be changed by us) 2) Your defined menu page list All pages where menu is set to "Y" in specified order 3) The page heading (as set in CAPTION) 4) The page content (as set in PAGE CONTENT) 5) Predefined Footer (can only be changed by us) By default banner.jpg in your company folder is displayed as header By default the Flexilot information is displayexd as footer By default style.css is used to display styling for your webpage. Please contact us to change this, if required Common images in FLEXILOT IMAGE folder Prefix with "*" to use as a link/picture: e.g. PICTURE: *pkat.gif Proxy settings Use Proxy.txt in your profile folder to define your proxy server for internet access. E.g.
    Customer Registration for the auction User will complete registration form online and submit it. You will receive an normal email from the FLEXILOT system NAME=Wihan Kotze CEL=072 110 4050 TEL=051 000 0000 FAX=051 000 0001 ADRPOST=pobox 123 bloemfontein ADRPHYS=7de laan bloemfontein FIRM=flexiauction FIRMNR=00/00000/000 FVATNR=4700000000 PAY=CHEQUE EVENT=1000 CO=AUCPRO IPADR= DATE=3/7/2008 12:13:52 AM FORM=REG Copy the content of this email to your clipboard You will create the customer in the FLEXIAUCTION SYSTEM The "CUST NR" must be the customer 10-digit mobile number.

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