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PLEASE NOTE - THE DEBTOOR IS SYSTEM IS IN TESTING PHASE Overview The DEBTOR system is used to capture transactions (invoices, payments, debit and credit notes) on your customer database in order to keep a detailed log of amounts due to you by your customers. Considerations The debtor transactions should be centralized on ONE server within your firm (not the auction laptops), as laptops and transactions is usually done offline (not connected to the database), the debtor system is treated as a separate subsystem within the FlexiAuction system. Events must be imported to the server as normal, this event purchases/sales is transferred to the debtor system as a separate process. The debtor's transaction will update the server customer table balances and account values. Please always consider that laptops in die fields if working offline (not connected to the server database), as such, balances, credit limits, overdue values are not current at your auctions. Settings Click TOOLS > SETTINGS > "DEBTORS" Tab > Changes entries > SAVE to accept or CANCEL to discard
  • Interest - Interest rate % per year (this rate will be used if an individual customer rate is set to zero%)
  • Debtor cycle period - number of days between ageing, e.g.
    B0Balance on "Current"CurrentCurrent
    B1Balance on 1 x DCP days7 days30 days
    B2Balance on 2 x DCP days14 days 60 days
    B3Balance on 3 x DCP days21 days 90 days
    B4Balance on 4 x DCP days28 days 120 days
    B5Balance on 5 x DCP days and more35 days and more150 days and more
  • Authorize invoices if over limit or overdue - Will force the clerk to capture an Authorization code if the account is overdue of over limit when invoicing a buyer for purchases on ACCOUNT pay method
  • Calculate Interest From Inv Date - Calculate interest from day 1 as oppose to from the number of days overdue
  • Allow Tran posting any period - Allow transaction posting for any period as oppose to current period (B0) only. (Mainly used for initial capturing to have correct aged accounts) Debtor related values stored for customers Click CUSTOMERS > ADD or EDIT > GO TO "DEBTOR" TAB Account Customer - Is an account customer (automatically set if transaction issued) Credit Limit - Credit limit Interest - Interest% per year, if "0" then use SETTING rate; If "-1" NO interest is charged. Terms - Terms in days Terms (2nd) - Terms expressed as written value, e.g. "ONE WEEK" Status - Credit status (you can create your own custom list of status values; Icons: LOCK to set a default, REFRESH to repopulate list, CHANGE to change list definition) Grade - Credit grading (you can create your own custom list of grading values; Icons: LOCK to set a default, REFRESH to repopulate list, CHANGE to change list definition) Balance - See the Balances for the individual periods (see Debtor Cycle Period in Settings) Working with Debtors Click TOOLS > DEBTORS On first entry the transaction list will be initialized, and the system will prompt you to reset all the customer balances and values to defaults (e.g. balances to zero), click NO to retain customer values. MAIN Click TOOLS > DEBTORS > "MAIN" Tab On this form you will see the selected or all the debtors (a customer will be a debtor and be visible in this list, once he is used in any debtor transaction) The Top Grid will display the debtor with his current balances. For the selected debtor in above list, a list of transactions for that debtor will be displayed.
  • CUSTOMER - Enter the customer Nr or click icon to search for customer. Press ENTER to display
  • STATEMENT - Select the transactions you want to display in the bottom grid ( for all transactions, CURRENT for B0 transactions only, otherwise select/set the STATEMENT DATE (the date ageing was done, format AYYMMDD) to display transactions for that statement only (Icons: REFRESH to repopulate list; SHOW ALL for all; CURRENT for B0 or SPECIFIC DATE to select statement date; Tick BF to display the B/F "Brought Forwards" transactions as well.
  • MATCH - Explained elsewhere Right-Click
  • Edit Customer - Edit any customer details directly
  • Export Transactions - Export to various reports (Statements, Age Analysis, and Overdue)
  • View Transactions - Advances transaction viewer to filter to specific transactions and/or debtors (Set the values you want to filter (blank for all), then click VIEW to display all transactions)
  • Set INV Terms - Set the terms in day for an invoice
  • Set Overdue Status - Set the overdue flag for all customers
  • Do Ageing - Age balances for all debtors on today's date, Current transactions will be set to this date as Statement data, E.g. 30 November 2010 ' A101130 and Balances B0-B5 will be shifter up. Ageing must be done on the actual day (the system cannot do ageing for past/future dates)
  • Print Statement - Print statements for all or only the non-zero debtors. Please note that the balances, B0-B5 is not stored at each statement date, so a statement will ALWAYS reflect the balance when printed.
  • Advanced - Export to FXT - Export All transactions to a FXT file (used for support) Import no allowed TRANSACTIONS Click TOOLS > DEBTORS > "TRANSACTIONS" Tab Add transactions for a customer.
  • BATCH - The Batch the transaction will be saved under, Format YYMMDD. Select/Set Value and press ENTER or click FILTER to view transactions for that batch (Click B# to select other batches) For each batch all transactions is displayed with summary of transaction types on the right-hand grid.
  • ADD TRAN - Add a transaction (or press "Ins")
  • EXPORT - Export transactions to Excel or "Summary Document" for a formatted layout
  • MATCH - Explained later
  • LOCK - Lock a batch, once locked no more transactions can be added to a batch Right-click on left-hand grid to set invoice terms or to add a transaction Add Transaction
  • Customer - Enter/select the customer for this transaction
  • Date - transaction date
  • Period - transaction period, normally B0 current (change settings to allow other periods)
  • Trantype - The transaction type
    INVOICEInvoice, usually a purchase invoiceDEBIT - Increase Balance
    PAYMENTPayment made to us by debtorCREDIT - Decrease Balance
    DEBIT JOURNALCorrectionDEBIT - Increase Balance
    CREDIT JOURNACorrectionCREDIT - Decrease Balance
    INTERESTInterest charged for unpaid overdue invoicesDEBIT - Increase Balance
    B/FBrought ForwardDEBIT - Increase Balance
  • PP (PASTEL PERIOD) - The Pastel period to capture this transaction to
  • REFERENCE - Any description for this transaction
  • SUB TRANTYPE - A Subtype for each transaction type E.g. We want to differentiate between different types of Credit Journal Transactions, like "Written Off", "Correction" or "Discount" Defined in c:\fxa\@profile\ttsub.txt
  • AMOUNT - The transaction amount (always captured as positive value, zero not allowed)
  • Match - Match a payment/credit to an invoice. Explained later with MATCH function
  • Add Transaction for batch - Save transaction (no deletion of changes will be allowed after added)
  • Cancel - discard transaction IMPORT INVOICES Click TOOLS > DEBTORS > "IMPORT INVOICES" Tab This function will allow you to add invoice transactions for buyers invoices issued for the selected event. If this tab is not visible, please close the form and activate an event first. All buyers' invoices for the selected event will be displayed in the grid. Please ensure that your Batch is set prior to starting this import
  • REFRESH to repopulate the buyers invoice list
  • PP - Set the Pastel period
  • Cust Terms is OK - Tick if you verified that all your invoice terms is correct (right click to edit customer and set terms for that customer)
  • Import Payments - Add a payment transaction for the debtor is the invoice was paid with a payment method where "TREAT AS CASH" is set for that payment method. This method is not recommended as it is preferred to capture your payments from your receipts. Code to allow is "1234"
  • Selection - Select all the invoices in the grid you want to import
  • Select All - Select to import all the transaction (recommended)
  • Import Invoices - will add the invoice transaction for each invoice selected. Once an invoice was imported the "DX" column will be marked with "Y" to indicate that the invoice was imported. The TTSUB (Transaction Subtype) will be set to the TYPE of the Event. The default terms set for each customer will be used as terms for all imported invoices. Right-click
  • SHOW ALL INVOICES - Show the invoices that was already imported before as well ("DX" is Yes)
  • EDIT a CUSTOMER - Change customer, used to set customer terms, as customer terms will be used as the terms for all the invoices of that customer as well. MATCHING Click MATCH on the MAIN, TRANSACTIONS or INTEREST tabs. Matching is used to match payments and credit notes to invoices, as the system will report and calculate interest on unpaid invoices, matching is used to set the payment status on each invoice
  • Customer - Select customer to view
  • Transactions - see the kind of transaction you want to view - INVOICES UNPAID - Show all the invoices that is not paid - PMT/CJ NOINV(0) - Show All the payments/credits linked to an UNKNOWN invoice It will often happen that when payments is captured from you bank statements or receipt book that there is no invoice to link the payment to, because the event of invoice is not present in the database at that stage, in this case the payment/credit is linked to an unknown invoice, in the system with ID 0 and refer to a NOINV(0) PMT/CJ NONE - Show All the payments credits not already linked to an invoice - ALL INV - All invoices - ALL PMT - All payments - ALL CJ - All credit journal transactions Export - Export transactions Right-click
  • Match Pmt/CJ - Match a payment/credit to an invoice
  • Set INV as paid - Mark selected invoice as paid without specifying the payment/credit, this is often used to discard reversed invoices and reversals (invoice credit not), as well as erroneous invoices created Do matching of invoices to payments/credits Right-click on MATCH forms and select "Match PMT/CJ" on a payment/credit OR Add Transaction > Click MATCH Binoculars fore payment/credit transaction Remember that the purpose of this form is to match a payment/credit to the invoice(s) that the payment was for. E.g. R5000 was paid; we want to specify that the payment was for invoice B-A1-1000 OR R10,000 was paid, of this R6,000 is paid for invoice B-A5-2000 and the remaining R4,000 is the payment for invoice B-A3-5678 In the top grid the invoices are displayed, click to display what you want to see. DUE= - Display only the invoices that is still due DUE=0 - Display the fully paid invoices ALL INV - Display all invoices PD=0 - Display the invoices where no payment was made. Add amounts with the linked invoice to you Matched payments (left below): Add - By double-clicking in the yellow Inv Amy, Paid Amt, Due Amt or Tran Amt you will add that amount to your payment list Delete - remove payment Fix - Fix amount as remainder to equal payment amount Add NoInv(0) - Add a payment to an unknown invoice (the invoice is not there yet, we will match it later using MATCH form) You can also change the amount manually in the list. Example: OR R10,000 was paid, of this R6,000 is paid for invoice B-A5-2000 and the remaining R4,000 is the payment for invoice B-A3-5678 The two invoices B-A5-2000 and B-A3-5678 will be displayed on top (else click DUE= to see it) Double click Inv Amt on 1st invoice (Amount with invoice ID as added to "Matching payments") Double click Inv Amt on 2nd invoice (Amount with invoice ID as added to "Matching payments") When calculated total payment amount below equals the payment/credit amount the total will turn green. Click "Accept this list" to save the payment list, or Cancel to discard. INTEREST Click TOOLS > DEBTORS > "interest" Tab This module is used to calculate the interest on your debtor accounts. Interest will be calculated to a preliminary interest list, when correct it is applied to the account.
  • CLOSE - Close window
  • REFRESH - Re-fetch preliminary interest list from database
  • INTEREST DATE - The date you want to do the interest calculation to.
  • CALCULATE - Interest is calculated per invoice on the DAILY outstanding balance for each unpaid overdue invoice. Accounts with positive balances are ignored. When the customer interest rate is -1%, no interest is charged, else the system will use the interest set for that particular customer or the global default is used if the customer interest rate is set to zero.
  • MATCH - Explained elsewhere
  • EXPORT - Export preliminary interest list
  • PP - Pastel Period to use
  • Apply Interest - Apply displayed preliminary interest list to database. Once calculated, the preliminary list of calculated interest for each customer is displayed, with transactions, and an explanation of how the interest was calculated. Right-click
  • Open Explanation - Open in notepad
  • Export Tran - Export transactions
  • Delete this Cust - Delete the selected calculated interest row from the list
  • Delete All Zero - Delete all the customers with interest amount zero
  • Delete All - Delete all if you want to re-do the calculation i.e. after corrections was made
  • Recalc this Cust - Recalculate for the selected customer only Daily operation Initially all customer balances will be loaded from your 3rd party or external age analysis Transaction can be added to older periods (B1-B5) if allowed in settings (disable again after loading). Always remember to set your BATCH to ensure all transaction will be for that batch Set Batch Nr Import Invoices for events Add payments from bank statements or receipt book Add any other transactions or do maintenance Lock batch when all transactions done (NOTE: Once locked no transactions can be added to that batch) Print Batch Summary (Transactions > Export > Summary Doc) Ageing The system do interest, statement and ageing real-time, and as such all statements, ageing and interest must run on the SAME day you want it to effect. NO balances is kept for any period, statements you show the balance as it is at print time Set Batch Nr Finalize all you transaction for the day Calculate the interest, fix any interest errors then APPLY the interest Print Statement Do Ageing Lock Batch Print Batch Summary Print required reports Templates Templates required in c:\fxa\@profile BatchSummary.RTF - for Transactions > Export > Summary Doc STATEMENT.RTF - Main > Statements

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