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Printing cheques on a dot-matrix printer

PREREQUISITES Pre-printed cheques must be approved by your bank. LITHOTECH is a company that provide cheque printing. Paper: Continues tractor-feed paper perforated with one carbon copy. Paper width: Should be 228 mm (12mm tractor holes + 203mm actual cheque width + 13mm tractor hole) Cheque height: perforation to perforation) : 3.5 inched (3.5 x 25.4 = 88.9mm) or 89mm Cheque printing in Flexiauction was developed on, and tested with, an EPSON LX300+ printer. Also compatible with the EPSON LX300+2 USB printer. We do not support any other kind of printers. Please add a local printer with the following driver: Manufacturer: Generic Printers: Generic/Text Only driver Port: Ensure same port as used by Epson printer DEVICE SETTINGS TO BE SET ON PRINTER Hold in TEAR-OFF while switching on for settings Page length for tractor = 3.5 inch Auto tear-off ON PRINTING Always ensure paper loaded left aligned with roller Remove covers, leave transparent aligner only Load paper, when turn feeder to align printer-head horizontal black bar with top of the page Print cheque When printing done tear-off cheque TEMPLATE VALUES Reset Printer #@ New line #NL (#CR#LF) Form feed #FF Bold #B+ #B- Italic #I+ #I- Underline #U+ #U- Double #D+ #D- Condensed #1 Normal #2 (default) Expanded #3 Courier #TC (Default) Roman #TR Set Line Feed to 1/8 inch (3.175mm) #F8 Set Line Feed to 1/6 inch (4.2333mm) #F6 (default) Spaces ($1,$2,$5,$10) Invoice note: I1 or I2 Customer name: CN Date: DD MM CC YY Amount: AMT Cents: c0 Digits: Dxx where xx = 01..12 Afrikaans longest digit: 4 letters English longest digit: 5 letters Must begin with #@ and end with #FF EXAMPLE of c:\fxa\@profile\GENCHEQ.TXT
#@ #2 #NL #B+ CCYY - MM - DD #B- #NL #NL #NL #D+#B+ CN #B- #D- #NL #NL #NL #B+#NL D06 D07 D08 D09 D10 D11 D12 C0 AMT #NL#NL#NL#NL#NL#NL #NL #I1 #B- #FF

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